How do I overcome junk food and still get to my fitness goals? TFW Portland


Pizza and ice cream got you down?!

Coach Josh from Training for Warriors Portland here... and I want to talk about how to manage your junk food cravings.

This is something I find really interesting because I think people get a little too distracted or mesmerized by the junk food they eat. I don't eat perfectly all the time but I do have a plan that I try to focus on. I try to get all my Warrior 20 foods in, but I certainly go off the path sometimes.

Why doesn't that cause a complete derailment of the train? FOCUS. 

Focus is especially important when it comes to nutrition and food choices because people often spend their energy trying to resist foods and try to NOT eat them. What you're still doing is putting energy into the thoughts about having junk food in your life. It's something we all deal with!

It takes energy and willpower to NOT eat something. 

Instead, use your willpower to your advantage and focus on the foods that you SHOULD get into your belly. Put your energy into the right foods. How, you ask?

This is as simple as following a meal plan. 

For breakfast, lunch, and dinner: try to hit all those foods. Think of being Pac-man and get all the right things in your mouth! BOOM. If you have extra room to get a little pizza, that's okay. A little pizza or ice cream isn't going to kill you.

If you're a foodie and love decadent meals, great! Go ahead and plan it. Invite your friends over, have a glass of wine or some cheesecake (or whatever people eat)! Schedule that... and look forward to it. 

I do this a couple times a week. If you have 15-25 meals a week, then you have an opportunity to get a couple meals that are off the plan. I don't call it cheating, which implies that you're falling short or letting someone down.

Part of being a human is living. So live! Make it a part of your plan. Spend your energy on making those great choices that move you to where you want to go.

Get 80-85% of your food coming from the right stuff.

Then go ahead enjoy your beer with your friends and don't worry about it. Think of that stuff as a sprinkling of "je ne sais quoi" that is the spice of life, that is all over the rest of the week that you plan for yourself.

TLDR: Use your energy to focus on what you DO need, instead of what you don't need. And don't beat yourself over those little "mistakes". Follow the plan, stick to the plan... and you'll get to where you want to go.

Need help with any of this? Leave a comment or shoot me a message!

Coach Josh here at TFW Portland, helping you bring out the warrior within.