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Coach Josh here at TFW PDX and I wanted to share with you some insights I had yesterday. I was listening to an old podcast of Dorian Yates being interviewed. For those of you who don't know, he was/is a very successful UK bodybuilder and competitor who was the one time Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe. He's got a great story, work ethic and he has a lot of hard-fought wisdom that he shares about fitness.

"On paper, it doesn't look like much..."

On this podcast, Dorian was asked what his leg workout looked like. Very wisely he replied, "On paper, it doesn't look like much: a few sets of leg extensions, some leg presses, some lunges. But it's what you put into the workout that makes all of the difference." He went through a basic workout in which the exercises aren't that special. They're designed to give you certain benefits, but it's really the focus and intensity that you put INTO the workout. Think of a workout with a 6-12-24 rep scheme. If you've done this before, you know it's a burner when you use that on your legs. It's an intense series of movements but it's only intense and gives you great benefits if you're mindful about how you use it.

Things to think about:

  • Putting 100% effort into making sure every rep is extremely high quality. Every rep counts!
  • Make sure your time under tension is consistent 
  • Be powerful in the concentric phase and slow and steady on the eccentric phase

I've said it over and over again (as have other personal trainers in Portland) that the simplest plan is probably the best plan. The reason is that you can put more focus, energy, and intensity into a simpler plan because the more moving parts your plan has, the harder it is to manage and the harder it is to focus on the variables that are the most important. If you lose some of that focus, then you're missing out on the benefit that the program has for you. The takeaway here is....

it's not what you do but HOW YOU DO IT, that dictates all of the results you get from that process.

One of the things I invite you to try in your life in upcoming weeks is to examine the things you are doing for your fitness and what you are putting into it versus what you are getting out of it.

Determine if you are bringing that intensity and focus to everything that you do for yourself. Coach Josh here at TFW PDX helping YOU bring out the warrior within!