Harness the power of small wins to get big gains!


It's Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors Portland, and I wanna talk to you today about harnessing the power of small wins.

Often, when people begin a fitness journey, they try to set really dramatic goals or a create a plan that is really difficult to follow. When I say difficult to follow, I mean easy to fail. If your plan is to go to the gym every day and then you miss the gym one day that week, you're off plan. That is a little seed of disappointment set in your mind, that's going to inhibit you from giving 100% to the next task. How do you avoid that? Take advantage of the power of small wins!

For example:

  • eating some extra protein fat in your breakfast
  • going to bed 15 to 20 minutes earlier
  • drinking an extra bottle of water a day

WHATEVER the small win is, you do several things. One, you build confidence in yourself for taking action on the path and following the plan that you laid out. Two, because that you're taking those actions (eating the protein, eating the fat, drinking the water, or going to bed earlier) you have more energy to give. Three: you get to measure the results of the things that you're doing.

By taking these actions, you build momentum. It's physiological, it's physical, and it's mental along the path. You build momentum along the path that you can set more and more and more the tasks and objectives for you to accomplish, which builds momentum even further. Here at Training for Warriors for the month of July, we focused on trading our grains in for greens. That's right: breads, your oatmeals, your cereals, your processed carbohydrates. We brought in broccoli, kale, lettuce, asparagus, green peppers, grass, (just kidding).

Every time you eat greens, you will feel better. Every time I've executed this in my life and the life of my students, everybody feels better for doing it. It's so simple. So, we're gonna focus on the simple things, here at Training for Warriors... and we're going to win. We're gonna win small to win big. So, that's your call to action, try a grains to greens challenge. Use the small wins to get some big wins. Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors Portland, helping you bring out the warrior within.