Exchange the pain of wanting for the pain of growth


Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors Portland, coming at you with a little old school knowledge.

Recently, I was listening to a podcast and an Emerson quote came up that I really liked.

The quote is, "Do the thing and you will have the power." And I like to flip that around into the expression that I don't need to have the power in order to act.

I act and THEN I discover and grab the power.

This relates to me and it relates to fitness in general. We can act “as if”, meaning when we start to take the actions of the things that we want. For instance, you may not view yourself as a disciplined person, but when you start to:

- create a meal plan and stick to it

- you decided to cut yourself off from beer

- get up in the morning and get a hard workout every day are taking on commitment!

You don’t have to be an in-shape person when you start or be the most disciplined person.

But the consistent action that you take on over time accumulates into a new lifestyle. And THAT is the lifestyle of a disciplined person; that is you taking the power and owning it.

Act and you will have the power!


Act and you will have the power.

Why is that important? Because you are already in pain as a human being. Yes, you.

There are things that you want that you don't have. That's the pain of wanting. You can exchange the pain of not having what you want FOR the pain of experiencing things that you're uncomfortable with or doing things that you don't know how to do.

When you exchange the pain of “wanting” for the pain of growth... you're still in pain. The net pain levels are the same. Because of the laws of community property, the math balances out. HOWEVER, you're going through the pain of growth versus the pain of deterioration or entropy.

And that pain of growth is going to reveal to you so many things that you need to learn. This also applies to me!

For example, it applies to me when I get in front of a camera because I'm not good at it. I prefer to talk to people, but I have to practice talking at the camera until I get better. I have to go through the pain of being not great at it... until I become a person who is able to connect with more people than I can connect to one on one.

THAT'S the pain that sets you free.

That channel, that activity, that path, that work that you have to do is the work that sets you free, that liberates you. So, act and you shall have the power to set yourself free.

This is Coach Josh, Training for Warriors Portland, helping you bring out the warrior within.