When it comes to fitness, the "impossible" just might be possible. Training for Warriors PDX


Meet Jennifer, a mother of three


Jennifer is a 49-year-old mother of three who has been committed to her family full-time for more than 10 years. She volunteers for her neighborhood school and one of the strongest support structures in her community. She has put others before herself so many times.  Only after some serious medical issues forced her hand, did she decide she has to make herself a priority or suffer the consequences.

You can only put your health on hold for so long

Multiple accidents, medication, and a “go go go” lifestyle left Jennifer with a back injury she could no longer ignore and she started accumulating weight. Despite committing to yoga religiously, Jenn found herself unable to get away from nagging aches and a body that keeps shifting in the wrong direction!

You never know who you will meet

Through a friend, she found out about Coach Josh and Training for Warriors. Coach Josh has devoted his life to helping people in the community burn fat, build muscle and feel good.

The power of habits

Together they created an exercise and nutrition plan that will keep her from aggravating her back, while building muscle and burning fat. She will focus on the basics regarding nutrition and use the power of small habit changes over time to gradually re-calibrate her metabolism. Her plan is to begin with bodyweight exercises and progress to light weights and strengthen her back along with the rest of her body.

Her chronic injuries needed more commitment than a 8-week solution

Having dealt with her injuries and issues for many years, she knew that she was going to need more than a “8 Week Solution” kind of a plan. She mentally committed to a holistic program for 6 months to FINALLY feel strong again.


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Doing the “impossible”

In a few short months, Jen began to do things she never thought possible. She started training with weights, she even knocked out her first real chin up! She became confident in her body and is able to bend over and pick things off the floor (like her children!) and has no problem crushing a round of golf or anything else life throws at her. She is still gradually improving her body and her mind and now trusts her body to be a little bit more durable.

Great things happen outside your comfort zone

With all the injuries and complications, Jennifer could have resigned herself to being unable to walk or do any of the fun things she likes to do. She could have stayed in her comfort zone and not challenges her limitations (like the doctors advised!) Instead, she has decided to bring out the warrior within.

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