Jumpstart your fitness with TFW Portland's Warrior Challenge



Three times per year, TFW Portland has something we call a Warrior Challenge. We take folks who have been off the horse, off their routines and get them off the couch.

The Warrior Challenge is a select period of time where we introduce people to a holistic training program and nutrition plan, with the focus on mastering the process to understand their own bodies and prevent injury.

During this time, we ask people to not miss one session. This way, you are focusing on yourself and your health. Together, we start from scratch. We will work on habits, mindsets, and strategies to overcome and reshape their environments.

The training is simple. We spend a lot of time learning and practicing how to properly warm-up, how to focus on the body and enhancing awareness (kinesthetic awareness). This builds up the Challenger's sensory awareness and as the training gets more difficult, Challengers increase their skill and capacity.

Over the course of a few weeks, the training gradually gets more difficult and the student gets stronger, more flexible, and more powerful. Because of our focus on mastery and technique, students have confidence that their movements will feed, not deplete, their bodies.

The entire process is overseen by coaches who care and make sure that students are following the plan, answering questions and guiding them towards solutions that make sense for their lives. There is no floundering, no confusion and no one gets lost in the sauce.

The warrior challenge is about focus, consistency, and small changes over time. It's a jumpstart into a new lifestyle and it is definitely not easy. But it is possible to succeed where you might have failed before IF you choose a supportive team who has the same mission you do.

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Photo: John Fritz

Photo: John Fritz