What to do when you have NOTHING left to give. TFW Portland


One of the guiding principles of Training for Warriors Portland is simply showing up.

My personal story was greatly shaped when someone showed up to support me for the first time in my life. All he gave me was a handshake and a word of encouragement, but it changed my life.

Since that time, my continual challenge to myself has been to show up... when unprepared, when I'm broke and have nothing tangible to share... sometimes showing up with kindness and compassion is more valuable than showing up with an army.

"Better to be on time with 10 Warriors, than be late with 10,000." -Tamerlane

TFW Portland shows up for causes we believe in!

I've always struggled with how to show up when it feels I have nothing to give.

When I was in college, I showed up to donate blood and platelets to the Red Cross so that I could feel a sense of contribution. Plus... you get free cookies!

When I was just starting my business and I was living in my friend's basement, I frequently put-together fundraisers for the Oregon Food Bank. The Oregon Food Bank is an organization my mom and I used monthly, for at least a decade so I still feel a strong sense of obligation to them.

Now, as part of our Training for Warriors mission to impact 1,000,000 lives across the globe, we host monthly charity events that raise money and awareness for groups like these:

Only through the generosity of our community were we able to raise $4167 in 2017. While this may be ripples in a pond, we know that ripples become waves.

So if you have a desire to give, to contribute, but you don't feel like you have anything worldly to contribute... show up.

Show up and contribute your enthusiasm and compassion and help us make some waves. Acting in gratitude will make you feel STRONG. So will some exercise, while you're surrounded by great people!

Every ticket you purchase will be matched by Training for Warriors Portland.

If you can't afford a ticket, just show up and Coach Josh will buy a ticket for your attendance.

Yours in Strength,

Coach Josh