How to avoid being overwhelmed and bored when it comes to your nutrition plan!

Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors Portland, talking about flow state specifically regarding food goals. 

This is how to avoid boredom and being overwhelmed when it comes to food or your nutrition plan.

We like to apply the "flow" concept to how we coach in every training session to keep people focused, having fun and feeling successful about what they're doing... but it DOES apply to everything, including food. 

For example:

Take your nutrition plan (or your habit goal or whatever it is that you're working on). Let's say you're going to try and add a glass of water to your mornings, so what you're going to do is wake up and immediately drink a glass of water.

Now, that's something that you could probably master in a short period of time. The difficulty is low and you don't need a high degree of skill to get there. But if you take on the habit and build it up, your confidence in your ability increases... and your sense of skill goes up. The objective is clear: one glass of water.

There will be immediate feedback: you did or did not do it.

The alarm goes off at 6:00 AM. At 6:01 AM, you either did or did not have a glass of water.

You can progress your habits to match your skills. Taking a glass of water every morning is pretty easy, but maybe having 20 grams of lean protein for every meal is more difficult. The difficulty is a little bit higher there, so you need a higher rate of skill to keep yourself in a flow state.

It's best to not bite off MUCH more than you can chew. For example, instead of 20 grams of protein in every meal, what if you said, "I'm going to have only protein and only vegetables with every meal, 100%, and have zero carbs."

That's actually a super difficult task that would take a high degree of skill and discipline and would take more time to implement. Scaling down the difficulty or scaling up the difficulty to balance where you're at, is part of what a good program, a good plan, and really a good coach will help you do.

Also, there should be a sense of a timeline. My goal is to have a smoothie every morning before I come into work every day. Instead of breakfast, I put a smoothie in. Well, depending on the ingredients involved, that may be a difficult endeavor.  

If I give myself seven days, I might not be able to reach this goal in that short period of time. But if I give myself a few weeks to pick up that habit, that takes that habit difficulty from extremely high to manageable.

Boom, I'm back in the flow... and feeling less overwhelmed and less crazy!

The point is to create clear objectives and manage the scale of the task to a realistic level for where you are at in your life. 

Often, it's not so much the habit itself as much as it is the parameters that you've set. If you have to be 100% compliant for seven days a week, it's going to be very easy to fail. Your feedback from those strict parameters is going to be immediate.

So don't forget: you can progress it, you can regress it and you can meet yourself where you're at. That's creating a flow state for your nutrition plan. Give it a shot and see what happens.

Until next time, this is Coach Josh at Training for Warriors Portland, helping YOU bring out the warrior within.