Which parts of your daily routine do YOU find expendable?

Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors Portland and I want to talk about something that I call the expendable three. It’s a little bit of a sarcastic moniker because those things are:


-eating good food

-getting a full night of rest

We call them the expendables because these are the things we give up the fastest.

Are you trading in your sleep for other activities that are less valuable?

Are you trading in your sleep for other activities that are less valuable?


I do it, too.

In the past, I’ve had huge problems with letting go of my workout... and especially with saying things like, "I’m going to skip that today."

How often do you tell yourself one of the following:

“I’ll just skip this one meal or just work through lunch"

"I’ll do you this favor"

"I’m going to take care of someone else this time"

"Six hours of sleep tonight instead of my full 8 hours is fine”

"I'm going to skip this one training session"

The funny part is, letting go of those important things QUICKLY becomes the habit. Personally, I would end up trading away things that are really important to me, in the quest for X, Y or Z. But those good things accumulate in the long run to really great results, like better mental and physical health, vitality, better energy, and focus. 

Even today, I have to be mindful when I have to get something done or when someone asks me for a commitment. It’s really easy to give up one of those expendables- the sleep, the food, the things that aren’t going to give me a hard time immediately but WILL accumulate negatively.

So, that’s my question to you. When someone asks you for a favor or when you get stressed, what’s the first thing you give up? If the answer is something “expendable”, then you might want to rethink your priorities.

Because you’ll always have crises and emergencies! You’ll always have big things in your life that you want to do and accomplish. If your way of getting those things done is to sacrifice yourself, then you’re going to have a pretty hard time. The thing that will make you more effective, be a better partner or friend and get you more fun in life and more enthusiasm, is taking care of yourself and making yourself a priority.

Get out there and do the things that are difficult-- exercise, good food, good rest, a.k.a the expendable three.

Don’t skip the part where you be good to yourself because your self-care is just as important as taking care of all the other obligations you have in your life.

Make a list, be mindful and become aware of how you solve some of those problems.

Until next time, this is Coach Josh, TFW Portland, helping YOU bring out the warrior within.