This is THE primary skillset to succeed in fitness

I recently got to spend two full days going through my life and business to discern where my FOCUS needs to be. My vision, goals and passion have yet to be fully realized. I have to take a few more steps (perhaps many, many more) to bring forth the warrior within. Together with my peers, I spent some time working on the most important skill set of all.

The skill that guarantees all the rest: a growth mindset.

Growth mindset! TFW Portland


Ta-da! Wait, that's not very glamorous, is it? Whenever someone tells you about how mindset is the most important part of having a winning basketball season, a successful business, or losing 100lbs... admit it. It seems a little deflating. A little "hocus-pocus-like". 

Expanding your mind and having a positive attitude is important but like, DUH. I'm done with that, aren't I? I need to know how to build 20 pounds of muscle... stat! So what do I do?

The truth is when it comes to building muscle, burning fat, making money, or developing better relationships, MOST tactics will work.

The critical missing piece is context. You have to see how doing all these things benefits more than just yourself and you need to see why it works. It means cultivating the BIG ideas:

-Trust in yourself
-Faith through experience
-The belief that your mission is important and that others like you have achieved
-Gratitude for your circumstance and opportunity to take your shot in life, when it comes (because it IS coming)
-Vision to see the end result when no one else can. If you need to borrow from someone else's vision board, then, then do it. Borrow from others' belief in you. Borrow from whomever you must.

Develop the mindset of strength and everything builds on that.

However, if you don't believe, then when someone shows you how they lost 5% bodyfat with this program, you'll say "I've seen this before" instead of "Hmm, I can invest 8 weeks and see what happens." All the tactics and techniques won't help you without the mindset.

Ok warrior, it's time to shine. Are you ready to answer the call?