A new year, a new strategy to life!


New Year's Eve is the ultimate day of beginnings! The scoreboard is officially reset and even though it is arbitrary, it's chance to launch your next project with a clean slate.

This year is a little bit different, as I am using some new strategies in 2018 that I haven't been using (consciously). Here are my top 5 strategies for fitness and life success in 2018.

Do the opposite of your instincts. Say WHAT?!? But Josh, I'm an enlightened peaceful warrior with great faith in my own compass. Why would I ignore my instincts? Here are a few examples of things that I have to ignore when they come up for me:

The instinct to avoid conflict. I need to move right into conflict with people in my environment if they are resisting our mutually agreed upon expectations, values, and commitments. Our relationship will be strengthened by honesty and accountablity, but it isn't my instinct to address conflict quickly.

The instinct to start tomorrow. Often times, I'll have a good idea, learn something that could help me in my life, or meet somebody I want to connect with... and I'll put it off till tomorrow. I'll write that gratitude note tomorrow. I'll go to bed earlier tomorrow. Instead of doing this, I would like to take a 5 minute action step on the new idea today. Write that instagram post, make that smoothie, etc.

The instinct to conserve time, energy, money. Blasphemy! There is nothing more important than time! Who are you to squander it?!! If I don't save my money how will I pile up the gold coins to sleep on like all greater Dragons!?! Time, energy and money ARE real important, and they are also the things we often avoid investing. I myself have been protecting my time and energy for so long because I have been working at growing Training for Warriors Portland. But it's time to diversify my time and energy, and I need to ignore some of my instincts.

I like to overdo things. Too many reps, too many drinks too, too many servings of food. I can't believe that I am saying this...I need moderation with some things. All of the lessons I've learned, books I've read (slight edge, compound effect, etc...) point to the daily discipline of doing something small each day and letting it add up. I have always struggled with moderate action steps because I like to see results accumulate quickly, but it is high time that I grow up a little bit. I'm going to be in this body, navigating this life for more than a day. I have big goals that require laying bricks one at a time for years on end to build the Cathedral I've been imagining. There is no hurrying greatness.

I need to let go of tactics. Sometimes I get obsessed with how well I squat, sprint, do pushups, etc. In and of itself, it's not a bad thing. If you are going to do something, you should do it as well as you can. It's just sometimes I forget the "WHY" part. I'm squatting to build muscle and strength, and if my knee hurts, I need to pick a different exercise, not grind through it like a goon. Sometimes I get my ego caught up in my workout, and I need it to look a certain way. As long as I stay on the path of training a little bit each day, then I am winning. I need to be able to let go of the tactic in order to work the strategy. Long-term thinking is how I'm going to get where I'm going.

So for my 2018 goals, I am going to be doing things a little differently. I'm going to work on some new tricks for this old dog. I have some pretty big goals!

In conclusion, 

It's time to do the opposite.

To move towards conflict.

To take action today.

To get over-committed.

To take small steps daily.

To stay committed to the goal and not the tactics.


Coach Josh, helping YOU bring out the warrior within.