What daily habits do YOU rely on to look, feel, & perform your best? #shaving


You may or may not know that I used to be in the United States Army. Well, I remember a time one morning in 2005, I showed up to a formation barely on time... and I was just a BIT haggard. It had been a rough night for me and I got to bed late. Early, late... depends on how you look at it! My company commander pulled me aside out of formation and asked, "Sabraw, everything okay?"

I said, "Yes sir, ready to rock." I was always excited, responding with enthusiasm and esprit de corps, all of that. He responded with, "No, seriously. What's going on, man?" I responded, "Nothing! I feel good, Sir." He said, "Well, you're unshaven."

I felt my face and sure enough, I was a little rough shaven... and he followed with, "I've been working out with you for two and a half years now (Note: There's more happening than you think in PT formations) and have never seen you come to the workout without having shaved. I just want to make sure everything's okay with you."

It's interesting what shaving represents to a soldier.

It means daily discipline, taking care of yourself, being in uniform with everybody else around you. There's a big emphasis on fitting in and adhering to the unit culture; adhering to the culture of the group. I was so disciplined that only one moment of appearing to have a fault in discipline so that immediately, my superiors thought, "Something's going on with Sabraw, maybe he's not feeling well today." 

Let's get more in-depth about shaving (READ: the daily discipline of taking care of yourself). That means I'd like you to ask yourself some questions: "What are the daily disciplines you do for yourself that help you get into the right mindset, make you feel good, the habits that are a part of who you are and who you want to be in a really big way?"

What are your daily habits that do you good?


We all have slightly different goals and different focuses. There are some really simple daily disciplines, especially if you're working out here at Training for Warriors.

Today, I want to focus on the Warrior Four, which is a daily practice of mind, body, spirit, and gratitude:


Every day, you are reading or learning something new! Getting smarter about topics that are important to you and your life, whether you're learning a language, or learning about nutrition, or learning about something that's interesting to you. You're strengthening your mind. 


Obviously, strengthening your body is something you do every day, whether it's getting your workout in here at the dojo in Portland, taking care of some stretching or mobility, or doing corrective exercise for some of you. This could also mean you are getting rest and recovery, or just chilling out and relaxing a little bit.


You also do something for your spirit: celebrating, having a good time, hanging out with positive people, bringing joy into your life and the life of other people, really having a sense of fulfillment that it takes practice to cultivate. 


Last but not least, gratitude. Just feeling love and gratitude in your heart for something positive you have.

The daily discipline of doing these things doesn't take a long time, the same way doing a mobility drill or shaving doesn't take a long time. But it means a lot to your psyche. It means a lot to the group that you surround yourself with, your community (your tribe if you will) your family. How you show up matters and if you're not doing it, everyone around you can tell. You can give a subtle impact on everybody around you when you're not doing that daily discipline. So I'd like to remind you of the importance of shaving or taking care of yourself a little bit every day and knowing that you, your choices matter, not just to you but to your whole group.

Things to focus on when it comes to taking care of yourself

Sleep. How much sleep are you getting? What is your quality of rest? Are you getting seven, eight hours of quality sleep (meaning is it dark, no electronics, etc). 
Food. How is your nutrition quality, are you eating clean? Are you eating half of your Warrior 20 list? Are you eating whole foods? As Michael Pollan says, eat whole foods, mostly plants, not too much (food). 
Water. Hydration, are you getting 60, 80, 70, 90 ounces depending on your body weight, and your size and how much you're training? Are you getting enough water? 

Those little things. Again, it doesn't take a lot of time, energy, or money to drink water, but are you doing it? Are you applying that daily discipline?

Where are you putting your time and energy?

  • Are you educating yourself?
  • Are you challenging yourself and growing as a person?
  • Even if you only have a curiosity and you're reading an internet article about something that you are learning in the gym or working on any one of your hobbies?  Are you doing these things that are challenging and developing you?
  • Are you spending time with good people? Or are you spending time with people who complain and suck the energy out of you? Who do you choose to be around?
  • How are you plugging in? Where are you spending time? Do you spend a lot of time in negative self-talk?
  • Are you feeling gratitude and joy for the things that are going well in your life? Are you appreciating the things that are working? Or are you focused on what you don't have?

Again, these are things that take a little practice but they're not expensive, they don't take a lot of time. It just takes mindfulness and energy and putting in care, putting these things to work for you.

To review, the Warrior Four covers: Spiritual strength, mental strength, gratitude, working on your body. Are you doing it and being transparent? Are you posting it and being held accountable at all? 

It's something that's really important to me because I need to be held accountable for all these things.

If I'm not doing it, then I know I'm not feeling good. For me, my biggest daily discipline is my smoothies. If I don't have the energy to make my smoothies the night before, I know that I'm going a little bit too fast. I'm probably doing a bit too much because if I can't take that small 10-minute window out of my day to take care of myself and make it easy for me to succeed the next day, then I know there are other things that I'm backsliding with, as well.

Friends, do daily disciplines. Do your Warrior Four. Show up for the group and show up for yourself. Be held accountable.

Make sure you shave every day because that's where the battle is won or lost, the daily discipline. Not out there on the battlefield.

This is Coach Josh here at Training For Warriors Portland, helping YOU shave.