10 Great Benefits to Your Strength Training Program!


1. You’ll move better

10 reasons to drop 10-15 pounds- move better

Imagine walking around your life climbing stairs, running to catch the bus, moving and shaking. Now, imagine you are 2x as strong and 10 pounds lighter. All of your joints have more control, more muscle to support them, and less impact with each step.



2. You’ll feel more confident about yourself


You deserve to look in the mirror and say with pride, “That’s what I look like. That is the product of hard work.” Better posture combined with a glint in your eye says, “Yep, I can take on the world!”



3. You’ll have more energy to do the things you love

Hi-fives are mandatory! TFW Portland

The most valuable resource isn’t time or money. It’s energy. You may have to say no to friends, family and fun opportunities just because you know your body will hate you tomorrow... or even worse, hate you TODAY.



4. It’s good for your joints and bones

As we age, aches and pains are inevitable. The question is: do you want to be achy because you are moving FORWARD in your health and fitness… or do you want to be achy due to moving backward? You are going to experience change and discomfort either way. Why not experience it, in service of something better?

Janelle squats at Training for Warriors Portland


5. You’ll have better skin

Better skin via working out!

Believe it or not, cleaning up your diet, getting hydrated and getting in shape will change the way people see you. Your skin will be more clear and healthy-looking and will stay that way because sweat excretes substances that would otherwise be stuck in your body.



6. You’ll sleep better


The best sleep aid is a busy and productive day with challenges met... and overcome. Muscles will be tired from being used (and used well) and brain fatigued from learning. That will help put you to bed!



7. Lower the risk of getting sick



Muscles don’t just speed up your metabolism, they are also crucial to immune system functions that keep viruses at bay. Don’t get sick, get SHREDDED.



8. It reduces stress and anxiety

Reduce your stress and anxiety by ripping weight off the floor! TFW Portland

There is nothing that grounds out nervous energy more productively than using your muscles, bones, and nervous system to hoist weight from the floor. Strength training will do wonders for your heart and your mind.



9. It improves creativity and productivity

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Increased insulin sensitivity leads to less brain fog after meals, and more clarity, focus and working memory. Training the body IS training the mind.



10. You might live longer

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At the end of the day, the person who has fewer risk factors generally experiences fewer health problems. While we cannot say for certain you will live longer with fitness in your life, we can certainly ask you one question: Would you rather live 500 years as a sheep or 5 years as a lion? Since you only have one go at this life, choose wisely.


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