Are you taking the most important vitamin of them all?

Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors Portland and I'm talking to you today about the importance of Vitamin C.

That's right-- vitamin consistency. 

What you do every day? 
What steps do you take every single day? 
What are the habits that you take on versus the actions that you actually accomplish? 


Do the things every day!

Do the things every day!


I'm gonna steal a line from Zig Ziglar. Someone once went to him and said, "Hey. Zig. I love your motivational stuff. The problem is, motivation doesn't last for me. I'm motivated for a day or two, and then it goes away." To which Zig responded, "That sounds about right. Motivation is like showering. If you want the benefits every day, you've got to do the thing every single day." 

I get a lot of emails/texts from friends, they'll say, "Hey Josh, I'm just like you man. I did my smoothies this morning!" They post a picture of a couple smoothies, kale, and some protein powder. I'm like, "Cool, cool. That's awesome!" 

Now, do that every day for 10 years and see how it changes you because THAT'S the effect that you're actually looking for. You don't have to drink smoothies every day to be healthy. The idea is that your habits create the outcome. But it's the action that people get excited about. Like, "Hey, I made a healthy meal" or "I did a great work out." "Oh, I crushed leg day, it was awesome." "I Lifted, did squats, did deadlifts, got heavy weight on the bar today." 

That's great! But the real key is showing up week in and week out and staying consistent on your training plan, because the training plan, the daily activity, is what makes you stronger, faster, taller, better looking, etc... Same thing when it comes to knowledge. If you learned Spanish 20-30 years ago, but you don't currently speak it every day, you're gonna lose a lot of that vocabulary. It may come back quickly, but it's definitely not going to happen overnight. You only get to keep what you practice. The things you do every day-- that's what you are. That's what your nervous system and your DNA is made up of, the habit. The daily habit of taking care of yourself, getting your mind right, and showing up and doing your workout.

Now, that doesn't mean you have to get a gangbuster workout every day of the week. I like to move every day. I like to train hard two to three times a week. Every day I do something, mobility work, sprints, or some bodyweight training. Obviously, I enjoy lifting heavy weights. Here at the gym in Portland, we're ambassadors of the motto "Lift Heavy and Sprint."

But it's not about grinding every day. 

It's about just being consistent. I think people get really attached to perfectionism when they say things like, "Oh man. Josh, I can't make it into TFW every day of the week." Well, hey. That's completely understandable. 

  • What if you could do two or three days? 
  • What if you could do 15 minutes of walking or maybe doing some push-ups? 
  • Maybe do some mobility work in your living room? 
  • What if your goal was to just get your heart rate up one time per day? 

By implementing some of those steps, you can dial the fitness intensity down and make it make a more sustainable program. Then maybe your goal is to get into Training for Warriors Portland once or twice a week, you do that for a month and then you ramp up to three times a week. 

You make slow, steady steps. You take the next step when you're ready (or close to ready!) Take the next leap when you're super confident at the ledge of your footing where you're at today. I truly believe that taking too big a bite and trying to do EVERYTHING all on one day isn't the way to go for most folks. People are binging on fitness. Don't do that! 

Think about the habit versus the activity. Think about the long-term versus the short term. Take small incremental changes and apply them over time. Do that and see how it helps you bring out the warrior within!