What makes TFW Portland different from other gyms? ๐Ÿ’ฅ

The question that every phone salesperson asks me is a variation of the following:

โ€œWhat makes Training for Warriors Portland unique?โ€

I have a love/hate relationship with this question because EVERY expert with any pride/passion/fire/ego (and I have all of those for TFW) thinks that their service is the best in some regard. However, if you take a step back from the perspective of an expert, one probably cannot make out the details that make the difference. If you take a glance at TFW Portland, and you changed the color scheme, you might see any number of fitness facilities that look similar. So what is the deal... REALLY?

"The reason that partners choose us is not our product, but because of our process."  -- Curtis Maddox, co-founder of Engin Creative, a design studio/small agency in NW Portland.

With that said, THIS is how we created a space that makes people excited to build muscle, burn fat, feel good and bring forth the warrior within.

1. The person is more important than the process.

We take a client-centered approach at TFW. All that really means is that we will modify the plan to fit the person so that person is supported to make the changes that are necessary. If you don't feel safe squatting, sprinting or doing any other movements we routinely use, we will change the plan. It's about people.

2. Try softer. 

We are not about getting just one great workout. We are about getting one great year of consistent training. Every week, we lift heavy and we move quickly. We do the work that our bodies need in order to develop strength, flexibility, endurance while getting leaner. We don't do it by grinding our way through a workout. We do it by careful plotting and planning how heavy, how much and how often we tax the body. There is nothing random in the plan, and most important part of planning in your training is the recovery.

Speaking of recovery....

3. We coach recovery. 

That means we keep people from overtraining, we proselytize vegetables, we prescribe macros, we champion SLEEP (sleep is in dire need of a champion these days). We don't follow any dietary diety with blind obedience. What we do is help people find the right plan that keeps them successful in the long run. We talk about nutrition every day and because nutritional habits and education play such an important role in getting the results that clients want...

4. Every member at TFW Portland gets free nutrition coaching. 

We monitor and support folks as they move through a full year of Precision Nutrition's online coaching curriculum. The program gets into the details of psychology, habits, self-talk, perceptions and myths, goals and everything in-between (the damn thing takes a year!) It goes deep and since we are all about service, we just had to provide it to our members. It makes us competitive in the market, it makes us holistic, and ultimately makes us better coaches by seeing our members from all angles.

5. We have serious fun. We are the ambassadors of Lift Heavy and Sprint. We get out the video replay to make every warrior a little bit better than they were the day before. We do the squats, the pushups, the lunges and the deadlifts. We do the stuff that works and we make it FUN.

If it ain't fun, it ain't working (at least it won't for too long).



We have a good time getting down and dirty. We coach the high five, we dole out hugs, and we do it day in and day out until you are either tired of it all... or until you become FAMILY.

Interested? Just click here to get started.

Yours in Strength,
Coach Josh