Feel the pain of growth... OR the pain of deterioration


Coach Josh here from TFW Portland.

Today, I’m here to talk to you about a really important concept that I’ve been going over with a lot of different people. I have a lot of students who have old injuries or are currently recovering from injuries and there’s a always a little pain when you reintroduce a movement or a stress into a body part/muscle/joint.

It’s interesting that the thing that is healing to the body (movement, stress, and the building of muscle and returning of competence in those movements) that’s actually a little bit painful. Simultaneously, I’m coaching people to NOT train through pain; to NOT do damage to themselves.

Pain of growth vs. pain of deterioration: what's the difference?

I think the biggest difference is: there is a pain that comes from relief, there is a pain from change.

For example: Let’s say you’re talking on your cell phone for a long time and you’re going on for 20 or 30 minutes. When you hang up and unlock your arm, it burns. There’s a pain when you stretch because you’ve been in that position for so long. But it’s relieving, right? The muscle’s like, “OH YEAH, I NEEDED THAT REST!” But it’s still a bit painful- reintroducing movement or stretching a muscle that’s very sore, tired or overworked. That's the pain of relief. 

The pain of damaging pain or overtraining, is when the body feels unstable and the tissue already hurts… then you pick up weight with that body part and it hurts even more. There’s a sharp pain, which is the body trying to give you a signal to NOT do that action anymore. 

It can be easy to NOT be able to distinguish between those 2 sensations.

Once you have felt both, you start to build that language for yourself in your own mind. Then you can continue making those decisions as time goes on. As many people in my life have realized, LIFE IS PAIN! 

Grow through your pain  " pain " ( CC BY-ND 2.0 ) by  nanny snowflake

Grow through your pain  "pain" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by nanny snowflake


You’re either undergoing the pain of growth. The pain of relief and change. 


You’re dealing with the pain of deterioration, the pain of injury, the pain of staying the same.

It’s easy to try to avoid pain as much as possible... but in reality, it’s gonna come to you anyway. And if pain is going to come to you, why not choose the pain that you actually need- the pain that makes you better?! 

Eric Thomas (a mentor of mine who I have never met) always says: You’re already in pain, you might as well get something for it! 

So! Go find the pain of growth, the pain of relief... and you’ll definitely get something for it. Coach Josh here at Training for Warriors, helping YOU bring out the warrior within.