Goals! Find your path by asking yourself this question. TFW PDX

Like many other gyms in Portland, we love goal-setting here at Training for Warriors!

When it comes to setting a goal, there are 2 things that are going to pop up and get in your way.

#1: Your ego

Your ego manifests itself in several ways.

One way sounds like this: “Basically, I already have the things I’m striving for, so I don’t need to set any goals at all.” That's a pretty subtle nifty trick that your ego pulls on you to keep from trying hard.

The other THING ego can do is say: Well, I’m not quite ready yet for that goal, or I don’t deserve it." And that’s a bit different.

This is classically presented in the gym by people saying, "When I’m really good shape or when I get into better shape. THEN I'll come into the gym and I’ll work out more." This idea you have to be in shape to get in shape. Like you need to have money to make money. It’s kinda true but the barrier to entry is a lot lower than people think. 

The gym is DESIGNED to get you in shape. THIS is the place you can do that, along with accountability and commitment.

I’m reminded of a quote from the book Resilience by Eric Greitens. He states, “It’s not your goal to begin in a noble place, but to end in one.”

That basically means that you don’t have to be a golden boy or perfect to start. Zig Ziglar would say you don’t don’t have to be great to start... but you have to start to be great. 

That's how the ego will come into play and try to keep you from taking action and moving forward.

#2- How to create your goal

People get a little distracted when it comes down to the specifics of their goal setting. You can talk about SMART goals all night long. See below! 


However! The OVERALL goal is not so much a thing that has to be specific, measurable, actionable, etc….

Personally, I set really huge lofty goals. They're like a north star. They are more about who I want to become more so than the things I want to have.

Now, there are metrics involved.

I want to make money, have a huge bench press and be in really good shape. There are a lot of numbers that are part of my goal. 

But it’s more about becoming the person I want to be.

Once I have my north star set, everything else is a strategy or a path to get there. There are many paths to get to the north star. It just depends on where you're at, and what you are good at that determines which path you choose to get there. Once you have the north star, its going to be a lot more clear about what path belongs to you.


1. Don’t let ego get in way


2. Think more about who you want to be rather than what you want.

The whole goal-setting process will start to get a little more clear. Hope I shed some light on the subject of goals!

Coach Josh here, to help YOU bring out the warrior within.

Your personal trainer in Portland wants you to keep your eyes on the goal!