Love yourself! Wrapping up love week here at Training for Warriors Portland

Coach Josh from Training for Warriors PDX, with message #5 of love week!

We’ve been talking about love all week long... and today we’re going to end on the most important piece of this whole story. Which is: love yourself. 

To sum up the rest of love week:

  • Love your enemy
  • Love the one you’re with
  • Love the one next to you
  • Love the process

...but you gotta love yourself too.

Loving yourself sounds cliche, maybe because it is!

The world outside is really just a reflection of the world inside. And if you don’t love yourself, its going to be very difficult to execute all those other things. I’m not an expert on this topic... but I have read many experts and one of my favorites is Eckhart Tolle. In one of his books (The Power of Now, I believe) he states, "I don’t know where to begin, but I think it begins somewhere with acceptance”. 

Once you accept yourself without judgement or qualification; when you accept yourself for who you are today, then the idea of self-love becomes easier to digest.

If you love yourself, it’s going to be so much easier to love all these other people, the process... and to generally be at peace and be happy.

I know, I know, HIPPIE MESSAGE! Hey, it’s the end of the week! There's message #5 of love fest, from Coach Josh.

I care about you, and I do want you love everybody.

Including yourself!