Why we don't do restricted diets here at Training for Warriors PDX


One of the things we do here at Training for Warriors Portland, is provide a shopping list to all of our students.

We give them a list of some of the most nutritious foods out there so they can eat as many of those as possible. And as often as possible!


What we don’t provide, is a list of foods to avoid.

You might wonder why that is. It's definitely done on purpose. The concept of being a restricted eater aka trying to control the amount of calories you put in your body actually takes a lot of energy. You burn through a lot of willpower trying to avoid food. 


Issues with restricted diets / calorie counting

Often, people who are restricted eaters are so focused on not eating certain things, that they aren’t getting enough of what they should eat into their bodies. Even if you are able to temporarily able to lose some fat, inevitably, restricted eaters end up having a really strong rebound. Restricted eaters are usually poor estimators of how many calories they do eat. In fact they can be off by as much as 80-100% according to a study done in 2006.

If that weren’t bad enough:

You’re also not getting all these really good foods that you should be consuming. You’re not helping your brain, metabolism, not building muscle and not burning fat. At best, you’re staving off weight gain by not eating that much.

And that’s a short term game that has long term consequences.

Here at TFW PDX, we’re thinking about the long view.

I want to be better next year than I am next year. I want to be better in 10 years than I am next year.

It’s a matter of thinking of the long game, thinking sustainably and being good to yourself and your body. That's why we don’t have "list of foods not to eat".

We don’t talk about calorie restrictions.

We don’t create restricted eaters here at Training for Warriors.

We’re more concerned with getting people the right foods at the right times, giving them education and basically teaching them how to fish so they can consistently get what they need.

Coach Josh here in Portland, helping YOU bring out the warrior within.

Does your restricted diet take too much brain space?

Does your restricted diet take too much brain space?